PR – Public Relations

PR – Public Relations, is well established as being critical in the success of a Marketing Mix. The problem is EVERYONE is jumping on the band wagon.

How Do you stand out? Quality, quality, quality.

Quality content must start with the copy – relevant, powerful, interesting and persuasive so your brand or company’s message will grab the attention of both the media and your target audience. But that is only half the story.

Editors are more likely to run a story if it has a compelling photo or photo story – and if possible exclusive usage to that publication. White Door Event Photography has worked with the best PR Agencies in Auckland and has an effective system for PR Photo distribution. We have a 24 hour gaurentee on all PR Photo delivery – but can send individual photos from location with in minutes of being taken if required – with no compromise on quality.

If you have a PR photographic problem. You have found the solution.

Public Relations Photographer

PR Public Relations Photo


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